About SIES

After having graduated from college in 1970 young Wesley Staples returned to the Island with two thousand books in tow. In a subsequent “book talk” with a childhood friend, Ed Wheaton, the idea for starting a library was hatched.  This was an idea whose time had come.  Ed suggested that the Methodist Women’s Society had an empty building at the foot of Lindsay’s Hill, and the “Sonny Sprague is on his wharf right now, and he’ll know if we can use it?  Let’s go!” So off they went to get Sonny’s blessing for the library’s first home.  For the months of June and July Wesley and Ed organized a crew of students and interested adults, including several librarians.  They scoured the Island for used books, crawled into people’s attics and emptied their books shelves.  They discovered avid readers who wanted to pall their books along. Swan’s Islanders were very generous with books, encouragement, and support.  Mrs. Wiseman donated an oak card catalog case, and she and librarians Judy Monroe and Selene Meeks oversaw organization of the books according to the Dewey Decimal System.

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