About the historical society

The Swan’s Island Historical Society is a branch of the Swan’s Island Educational Society. It is a volunteer run organization, and we always need all the help we can get!

The Historical Society collects and archives photographs, artifacts, and oral histories. Collections are highlighted in programs and exhibits around the island as well as online.


In 2008, a fire at the Swan’s Island library destroyed the majority of the island’s historical artifacts, photographs, artwork and records. A few people decided to salvage what resources remained in the memories and personal collections of islanders. The Historical Society was revived and volunteers set to work processing the hundreds of photographs, artifacts and stories that islanders loaned and donated to the organization.

A partnership with the Island Institute Fellows program guided much of the work. Meghan Vigeant was responsible for laying the foundation: developing the cataloging system and launching the oral history project. Kate Webber continued these projects, worked to make their results accessible online, and led historical programming with island students.

Support us:

We rely on your generosity for financial donations (link), additions to our collections (link) and of course for volunteer (link) time. Please get in touch if you can offer any help!

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