Maine supports its libraries

The  Maine news report linked below reminded me of the overwhelming generosity of people all over the US, including author Katherine Patterson, who shipped boxes and boxes of books to us following our fire. Katherine went so far as to hook up with a traveling book vendor to get books from her private collection in Vermont to Maine and ultimately the island.

Maine author, librarian and educator Toni Buzzeo put a call out to her colleagues on an author listserv similar to what Cynthia Lord did for Cherryfield. Boxes and boxes arrived at Port In A Storm bookstore where the books lived until I could get them to the island. Never looking for publicity, I do believe Stephen King anonymously sent us some of his books. I only figured this out because of a personal piece of mail that was found inside one of the books.

Cherryfield Public Library news report

Kathy and Cara who serve as co-directors at the Cherryfield Library are amazing. Their dedication is catching and every time I have a chance to talk to them I always walk away uplifted and thankful for what Swan’s Island has to offer our community for library and historical services.  

I might consider the book and video (collections) line of our budget a bit small and I do complain from time to time but at least we have money for such things as part of our annual budget. The generosity of our donors, including the town, allows us to have money to buy books and movies as well as paying a small staff at least a stipend besides the ability to keep the lights on and the doors open year-round.  Thank you!


What a state and library family we have in Maine. I am very proud to serve with this group of people.  Way to go ladies, my hat is always off to you!  Oh, and I have a box of new books that will be headed in your direction.