Maps, do you use maps?

Do you use maps?  GPS and directional finders in smart phones,tablets, and newer vehicle GPS accessories are probably what most people think about when they need map.  Usually a map provides direction concerning where we need or want to go.  There are still a few people who come into the library looking for a paper version of The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer.

Do you ever use a map when you read?  I often find myself wishing I had a The readily available map when reading a great story.  Sometimes books include maps but not often.

The Maine Humanities Council just forwarded a message that contained link to a unique map.  It’s not an old map but one that might be handy if The Illiad happens to be on your bedside table.  This unique map shows the hometowns of all the characters in The Illiad.

After you look over that map, how about checking out The Literary Map of Maine?  Take some time to look through the following maps and trail guides as well.  Let me know if there are others that you have used or find interesting.  I’ll put them in the Island Websites and Other Resources section of this website.

The Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail

Maine’s Civil War Trail

Maine’s Wine Trail