New audio and ebook platform coming

Please see the message below about a change in our audio and e-book service.  Also, one change not mentioned is that checkout time will increase to three weeks. Current holds on items in Overdrive will not be transferred to Bibliotecha.  So, contact the library if you have placed a hold in Overdrive and do not receive an email by March 1.

The link to the download library will remain and same.  Click on the “Library” tab on our website to visit the library page.  On the right side menu, click on Download ebooks and audiobooks.  Please contact the library if you need assistance.

More information will be coming along.

From Maine InfoNet

Maine InfoNet is pleased and excited to announce that Bibliotheca (formerly 3M) will host the Download Library’s eBook and Audiobook platform beginning March 1, 2017.

What does this mean for library users? Switching from Overdrive to Bibliotheca’s cloudLibrary Platform will provide the following enhancements:

· Ease of Use: the Bibliotheca cloudLibrary product is much easier to use than Overdrive. This translates to a more satisfying user experience.
· School Library Participation: School libraries will be able to participate. There will be no restrictions as to their membership.
· More Collection Items: Maine InfoNet will be able to invest in more collection materials due to Bibliotheca platform savings.