Volunteer at the library

At any given time, a library volunteer will be responsible for one or more of the following activities:

Serving customer needs at the reception desk, assisting patrons with computers, or finding books in the online catalog.

Assisting staff with circulation duties, such as checking books in and out.

Keeping the materials in the library’s collection in order.

  • Accurately sorting and shelving library materials, including books, movies, CD’s, magazines, and newspapers in  a variety of formats and subject areas. *
  • Reading the shelves

* These tasks can be done during circulation or on their own!

Performing various, specialized tasks as assigned or needed.

  • Cataloging books, weeding the garden, assisting in writing the newsletter, preparing mailings – and much more!

Helping with or organizing movie nights and other fun year-round programs and events.

Tending the bookstore and gift shop.

Helping to make patrons’ visits to the library easier and promoting a sense of friendliness within the library are the most important things you can do as a library volunteer.